Jul 22

Yapnet Updates

photos by me

Final Update

I am back from being off the grid: Cape Cod. Dawn swims with seals (no sharks); seafood and beer; books; sleeping on sand; much swimming. Sublime.

The site looks good upon return. Things I notice:

  • Several of you are very active (yay)
  • A number of members haven't been back in over a month (sniff, sniff)
  • We need more members to get to a critical mass that will keep the site diverse and vibrant as people come and go based on workflow, schedule, interests and needs.
    • I have created a WIKI that can be found here for you to share some strategies for growing this community: https://yapnet.org/node/712 Jump in.

Also, you will see I've started an ABOUT page -- please react and suggest other things to say or better ways to say it in comments

  • AND in the drop-down menu below About, you'll see YAPNET - FAQ /node/647