YAPNET: The feedback place.
Aug 10

Welcome to YAPNET

Photo by gevalt

Artists and creatives of all shapes and sizes, we are so glad you are here.

Yapnet is a community that aims to help people with the solitary, but intensely wonderful experience of creation. Welcome to YAPNET — a private space where you can share unfinished work or unvarnished ideas or unrealized projects for feedback and perspective and suggestions and encouragement, from fresh, knowledgeable eyes.

We hope, too, that you'll occasionally share finished work just for the heck of it or because you want ideas on what more to do with it. Or maybe you want to come here just to do your morning exercises by responding to someone else's work with a comment or a "sprout" — an idea triggered by someone else's work. Or, even, a writing exercise someone has created. Or maybe you just like helping others.

This is not a new social media site. This is not a replacement for other communities to which you belong. This is a unique space, a response space. It operates on the theory or reciprocity — to get feedback, give feedback; and if you get feedback, say thanks. We have one rule that governs this site: respect. Show it. Believe it. Practice it. Try as we might, we have never found a behavior that isn't covered by that one word.

A few definitions are in order: We define artists as people who create. Your art can fall into any number of categories and genres and disciplines – from musicians and painters to writers and digital storytellers, from photographers and performers to educators and researchers.  So don't worry about the occupation you list on your tax forms, think about what it is you are creating and what kind of help you need and how you might gain by mingling with people in your circles -- or who see the world in different ways. And how you can help others.