Aug 10
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A Welcome and An Update

Photo by gevalt

More than a year ago a few of us launched this website as a place where writers, artists and musicians could post their work – in private – for some feedback. The idea was that all of us would love to have the wisdom of some fresh eyes or ears on our work to help affirm our ideas, direction or intentions.

We had envisioned a small community – maybe a couple of hundred people – who would use the site off and on. For many months, it seemed to be heading in that direction.

But inertia set in. We believe there are lots of reasons:

  1. We all are posting to so many places.
  2. Our work isn't necessarily shareable.
  3. We value our work and don't want anyone to swipe it.
  4. There was not enough critical mass to assure you that there'd be robust response.
  5. A lot of people aren't well versed to give good feedback (and by good, I mean, detailed, thorough response).
  6. The name of the site. (What does yapnet mean?)
  7. It was a pain to either log in or apply for an account and then log in.
  8. In an attempt to generate more activity we also instituted some challenges – something to get you going; but that seemed to negate the central purpose of the site.

So what to do? Activity has been low so the easy thing would be just to close it down.

But we don't give up easily. So with, sadly, Covid-19, again limiting our person-to-person interactions and, perhaps, our ability to get face-to-face feedback, we are going to make one last push:

  • We're eliminating the challenges and tiny writes
  • We're going to push the site on social media to find more writers and other artists
  • And we're going to start up a workshop or two that would be tied to some other activity being done online; for instance, Geoffrey Gevalt, one of the founders of Yapnet, will be encouraging people who write on his weekly Facebook Live writing sessions to come here to post and get some more detailed feedback on what they are creating.
  • And we'll do a mailing to everyone who's signed up in the past to see if there are other ideas or interests.

In the last analysis, we still believe in the premise and the potential value of this community. We'd love to see it grow and gain a life of its own.