Mar 05

Color or B&W?

(Be patient ... these may take a while to load, sorry. )

So I am finishing up the edits of photos I've been taking of a woman farmer in my town. She does it alone, handles 18-22 cows and sells raw milk. Relentless work.

These are a sampling of the photos and I'm pleased to say that a gallery wants to show them. However, I have not decided whether to go color or black and white. I may have a mix, but I am inclined to use color only when color is a part of the story. And part of me is wanting to go all B&W to give it more of a documentary feel and also get the viewer to focus on the forms and light. B&W seems to work well in the barn, but also works outdoors.

What do you think?



Nov 22

Willie -- The YapNet Story

This is a story about a story. I've made it public to show how this community has helped me with early feedback and suggestions to improve the story. The community was successful. My revisions made it better. To the point that the story was chosen to be given a stage presentation in seven shows in December by the Vermont Stage Company. Thank you. You can see and hear the story by clicking here.

Jul 22

Yapnet Updates

photos by me

Final Update

I am back from being off the grid: Cape Cod. Dawn swims with seals (no sharks); seafood and beer; books; sleeping on sand; much swimming. Sublime.

The site looks good upon return. Things I notice:

  • Several of you are very active (yay)
  • A number of members haven't been back in over a month (sniff, sniff)
  • We need more members to get to a critical mass that will keep the site diverse and vibrant as people come and go based on workflow, schedule, interests and needs.
    • I have created a WIKI that can be found here for you to share some strategies for growing this community: Jump in.

Also, you will see I've started an ABOUT page -- please react and suggest other things to say or better ways to say it in comments

  • AND in the drop-down menu below About, you'll see YAPNET - FAQ /node/647


Jun 30

About Yapnet

YapNet is a private community of respect where any artists and creative thinkers can share unfinished work or ideas for feedback and suggestions.  Click login/join to jump in.