Aug 10

A Welcome and An Update

Photo by gevalt

More than a year ago a few of us launched this website as a place where writers, artists and musicians could post their work – in private – for some feedback. The idea was that all of us would love to have the wisdom of some fresh eyes or ears on our work to help affirm our ideas, direction or intentions.

We had envisioned a small community – maybe a couple of hundred people – who would use the site off and on. For many months, it seemed to be heading in that direction.

But inertia set in. We believe there are lots of reasons:

May 20

Are you interested in helping build this community?

We are looking for Community Builders on this site. Job would entail:

  • Helping shape and seed the site
  • Recruit people to join
  • As things get going, devote an hour or so each week (at minimum) providing feedback to others.
  • Participate by sharing some of your own work for feedback.

If so, please go to and fill out the form.


geoff gevalt