Jun 30
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About Yapnet

YapNet is a private community of respect where any artists and creative thinkers can share unfinished work or ideas for feedback and suggestions.  Click login/join to jump in.


YapNet, while a private site, is open to anyone who wants to find a knowledgeable, helpful audience for work in progress. Simply create an account and we'll approve it (be patient; we're volunteers) and you can post whatever you'd like — writing, music, digital media, photographs and other visual art, audio, ideas for the classroom, essays, plays —  to get some feedback. We know the creative process is a lonely one and sometimes it's great to get some objective affirmation and suggestions to keep you going.

You can also see how others do it. Or you can respond to our frequent creative challenges designed to get you started.

We are a small band of artists and volunteers. We promise that no one will appropriate your idea and that you will be treated with care and civility. But we are looking for art with an edge, work you are excited about but may not be sure about.

The founders are Geoffrey Gevalt — a writer, editor and photographer; a former journalist, he founded youngwritersproject.org, a respectful hive of creativity for young people; and Laura Ritchie — a performing cellist and innovative educator at the University of Chichester in England.

A couple of suggestions: 
  • The best way to get feedback is to give feedback; if you get feedback, say thanks.
  • Remember this is open space is private, meaning that only members who are logged on can see your work. While that seems like a contradiction, we believe privacy releases you from worry about your digital reputation or identity and openness to welcome anyone to have an account on this site ensure inclusion and agency for all. (NOTE: you are free to make any of your posts public should you wish to have a link that works for the outside world.)
  • This is not a new social media site. This is not a replacement for other communities to which you belong. This is not a place to promote yourself or your work. This is a community that you can visit when you need help or a small, caring external audience or, simply that you wish to give to others.
  • We have several overarching words that govern this site: Respect. Empathy. Caring. Show it. Believe it. Practice it. Try as we might, we have never found a behavior that isn't covered by those words.
  • To reiterate, anyone from anywhere is welcome to join this community. We define artists as people who create – musicians and painters, writers and digital storytellers, photographers and performers, educators and re-mixers. Don't worry about the occupation you list on your tax form; consider only, Would I like to get some other perspectives on what I'm working on?

Yapnet is a non-hierarchical, emergent space, meaning that while we hope to keep to our core we fully expect that this community will shift and change and grow. You will determine that.


If you haven't joined, click "login/join" and register for an account. We'll activate it as soon as we can.