A community of creative people who share unfinished work and ideas for feedback.
Jun 30
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About Yapnet

Yapnet is a community where creativity thrives and is supported by the responses of others.

Welcome to Yapnet, where you can share unfinished work, unvarnished ideas, unrealized projects for feedback, perspective, suggestions and encouragement from fresh, knowledgeable eyes. You can also learn from others by seeing what they are doing, how they are doing it, why they do what they do. It is a space to try out new ideas, to respond to 'challenges' or ideas presented by community members and to share finished work, if you want, because no works are actually ever finished.

This is a unique space, a vibrant hive of responsiveness that operates on the theory of reciprocity and empathy — to get feedback, give feedback; if you get feedback, say thanks. It is a private space, meaning that only members who are logged on can see your work. We believe that this privacy releases you from worry about your digital reputation or identity. You are free, however, to make any of your posts public should you wish to have a link that works for the outside world.

This is not a new social media site. This is not a replacement for other communities to which you belong. This is not a place to promote yourself or your work. It is a new community; a place where you can come when you need help or you wish to give it to others.


We have on overarching word that governs this site: Respect. Show it. Believe it. Practice it. Try as we might, we have never found a behavior that isn't covered by that one word.

Anyone from anywhere is welcome to join this community. We define artists as people who create – musicians and painters, writers and digital storytellers, photographers and performers, educators and re-mixers. Don't worry about the occupation you list on your tax form; consider only, Would I like to get some other perspectives on what I'm working on?

Yapnet is a non-hierarchical, emergent space, meaning that while we hope to keep to our core we fully expect that this community will shift and change and grow. You will determine that.

So, Welcome to Yapnet. (And if you haven't joined, click "login/join" and register for an account. We'll activate it as soon as we can.